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Industrial textiles

Industrial textiles

Ascend provides nylon 6,6 fibers and heat-stabilized polymers for industrial yarn spinning. Our fibers and polymers are used to make airbags, tire cord, industrial technical fabrics and tapes. Ascend produces airbag fiber in South Carolina and supplies many of today's airbag fiber spinning companies.

Our nylon industrial products are found in both narrow- and broad-woven textiles that require durability and strength. Narrow-wovens produced with our nylon industrial fiber or polymer are used to manufacture end products such as webbings, 索具, cargo nets, tie-downs, backpack straps and parachute harnesses. Many of Ascend's industrial fibers are Berry Amendment compliant and ideal for military applications that demand rugged dependability such parachute pack clothes, fuel and water bladders and cots.

Our nylon for industrial textiles is supplied as medium RV 'wet' chips and can be solid state polymerized by the customer to a level meeting all of the typical technical fiber spinning and product requirements.


No-Shock® anti-static fiber from Ascend Performance Materials is an economical, permanent anti-static solution for all fabrics. The anti-static material is an inherent part of our fiber, not a treatment or post-application, so it lasts as long as the fiber or fabric.

Our fibers are used in industrial work wear, flame-retardant garments, military uniforms, conveyor belts, industrial filters, copier brushes, flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC), carpets and rugs, and most fabric applications requiring static dissipation. Both nylon- and polyester-based products are available.

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Clean fiber technology

ENDUR by Ascend™ isn't a garment treatment or a coating. It's a fiber, delivering permanent functionality to your fabric blends.

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